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Internet Power Unit



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Load Shedding getting you down?
Keep the WiFi running with an Internet Power Unit.
The Internet Power Unit offers up to 10 hours of backup power for your router and fibre connection

  • Powers 2 devices with inline battery backup solution
  • Compatible with CPE/ONT devices from major fibre providers
  • Compatible with most routers
  • 1 Year Warranty on the unit
  • Full Money Back Guarantee in the event of incompatible devices

We are unable to guarantee the functionality of the backup power solutions implanted by the networks (Eg. Fibre, ADSL or LTE providers). Most providers undertake to ensure that their networks are able to withstand power outages and in our experience this is generally the case. Please check with your provider directly if you are uncertain about their ability to keep the connection live during outages.

See FAQs for additional information or get in touch with any questions.


We have a 14 Day money back guarantee on the IPU devices for any reason. We will arrange for collection of the device and a full refund. Please get in contact with us as soon as possible if you would like to arrange this.

The IPU supports most standard WiFi routers, specifically routers that accept 12V and use a 2.1mm plug. If you are concerned as to whether or not your router is supported, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us. If you find that the IPU doesn’t work with your router/CPE we will happily arrange a full refund and collection of the device. We are also willing to customise a solution for you, at no additional charge, in the event that your router requires a different size plug.

The installations are currently only applicable in Johannesburg or Pretoria. A technician delivers the device and gets everything connected. They are also able to assist with mounting the IPU to the wall if required.

The IPU supports most standard ADSL routers, with the exception of a few that use non-standard plugs. We can put together customised IPUs to ensure compatibility with the non-standard devices too, just give us a shout in advance. For the solution to work, your ADSL line will have to make use of backup power at the exchange. This is usually the case, but we are unable to guarantee power on ADSL lines during power cuts or load shedding as it is completely out of our control.

The IPU supports most standard LTE routers, with the exception of a few that use non-standard plugs. In general, portable ‘Mi-Fi’ devices are not supported. We can put together customised IPUs to ensure compatibility with the non-standard devices too, just give us a shout in advance. For the solution to work, your nearest cellular towers will need to have backup power in place. This seems to be quite unpredictable between different providers and areas and is something we are unable to guarantee as it is completely out of our control. We suggest checking with a phone or tablet to ensure that good signal remains during load shedding before purchasing an IPU.

The simple answer to this is no. High end access points require much higher voltage (generally 24V or 48V) and are not supported. If you make use of wireless extenders or lower range APs then additional IPUs would need to be purchased to support the devices, as they will inevitably be far away from the primary router by design.

The cables included with the IPU are around 1.5m in length. In the event that the routers are not very close to each other, you would need to purchase an additional IPU to support both devices. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

The IPU uses the industry standard 2.1mm plug. Some devices require non-standard plugs and we are more than happy to put together a customised solution in these cases. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

The IPU comes with a standard 1-year warranty. The warrant covers the device itself, and not the battery. The battery can be easily replaced if required.

The IPU is designed to be very energy efficient and only draws power when the battery needs charge. The devices should have little to no impact on energy consumption.

The IPU uses a standard 12V 7AH battery – the same batteries found in many garage/gate motors and alarm systems. You can replace the battery yourself (only 2 screws to remove to gain access) or we can replace the battery for you (only applicable to clients in JHB or PTA).

In general, the answer to this is no. The IPU is a very niche device aimed at solving a very specific problem. There are some exceptions to this, such as adding additional, low power devices, like a desktop switch – which can be discussed with us in advance. The IPU will NOT power computers, cellphones, TVs, etc.

We can customise different cable and plug combinations where required, on request, and at no additional charge. We cannot make it work with unsupported devices or devices that do not accept 12V input power.

Most fibre companies and ISPs promise backup power during load shedding, and in most cases we have found this to be true. We have received reports of some areas where this isn’t always the case, so we recommend checking with your ISP and fibre provider before purchasing an IPU. We are unable to guarantee power from the fibre providers themselves as this completely out of our control.

Yes, the IPUs have brackets that allow for easy wall mounting. Our installation package includes wall mounting where required (only applicable in JHB and PTA).

The IPU is an inline device, meaning that it remains plugged into both the wall socket as well as your routers at the same time. The battery kicks in automatically, with no drop in power to the connected devices, and the battery charges up again as soon as power is restored. There is no user intervention required at all.

No, the IPU is only rated for indoor use.

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220mmx190mmx80mm (H x W x D)


  • Cold Start 15A/115V AC, 30A/230V AC
  • Overload Protection 115% ‐ 135% of the rated power, pulsing hiccup shut down, auto recovery
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Short circuit protection, recovery
  • Low power consumption, high reliability
  • 100% full load burn‐in test
  • Audible tone for mains fail
  • Battery protection circuit built in
  • Battery charger is intelligent - switch mode charging processed by a PIC processor

Power Rating:
Output: 12V 3.5A

12V 7AH Battery used as standard

Standard Cables:
The IPU comes standard with 2 x 1.5m cables with industry standard 2.1mm moulded plugs


  • The unit will dissipate a small amount of heat so please ensure that the unit is installed in a place where there is sufficient ventilation
  • This unit must not be installed outside as it is not protected against water
  • Mounting, maintenance and repair must be carried out by a skilled and authorised person

This product carries a one year warranty and is subject to proper installation procedures and must be installed by a qualified person

Complies with EN55022, EN61000‐3‐2, 3, EN55024, SANS IEC 60 950

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